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The team at Fortis joined forces with CDP to accelerate their application process and improve their customer experience.


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Standing out in a saturated market is no easy feat. Powerful, custom-built technology with advanced features and seamless experiences can help attract new customers.


The payment processing industry is a crowded space with increasing untapped revenue potential. Seeking to stand out, Fortis—a commerce enablement company—needed powerful technology to attract new customers with advanced features, seamless experiences, and more benefits.

Rather than build the functionality internally or invest in popular-but-costly solutions, Fortis decided to look for a partner that could accelerate its development efforts and bring new products and experiences to market faster.

Download the case study to learn some of the benefits Fortis has experienced in the six years since joining forces with CDP, including: 

  • A custom solution that integrates electronic signatures and online form-filling capabilities into its applications—to the delight of the company’s customers.
  • The peace of mind of knowing they have a tool that can keep pace with them as they scale.
  • A partnership that scales with them, providing continued collaboration and customer support.

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Download the case study

“Their team is an extension of our team.”

Timathy Nafso

Co-Founder and Executive VP of Fortis