CDP provides a nurturing, flexible framework to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Our unparalleled, long-term internships help college students enhance their teamwork, hone communication skills, and strengthen their follow-through in a supportive family atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on offering interns outstanding opportunities and facetime with all the CDPeeps, including executive staff. CDP interns have real responsibilities, but we believe school comes first and always work around your class schedule.

Think outside the box and be much more than “just an intern.”

  • Interns participate in Innovation Fridays, when we brainstorm imaginative ways to make a difference at CDP.
  • Gain insights into the professional ideation process and come up with new products or sales strategies of your own.
  • We love it when emerging professionals infuse our business and office operations with their fresh perspectives.

Words from Our Interns

  • Computer Science Intern
  • People at CDP make me feel like home.
  • Marketing Intern
  • The work that I have done at CDP has created a lasting impact on the company, and myself.
  • Computer Science Intern
  • The unique and diverse experience I received at CDP gave me the opportunity to understand what my interests are in software. At other companies, you may find yourself only focusing on one or two projects—in a single division.
  • Industrial Systems Intern
  • My time at CDP has provided me with the opportunity to not only learn and grow, but also lead. This has pushed me to become much more confident in my work and rapidly adapt to change.


Intern Buddy System

Work closely with another intern while you learn the ropes.

Interdisciplinary Experience

Collaborate with interns in other fields to broaden your skill set.

Inclusive, Connected Community

Get to know diverse professionals at fun social events, like tailgates.

Contribute to our work product, from planning to execution.

CDP interns progress from doing to leading to bringing their ideas to life.

  • Start by owning small tasks in your field of study. Get your feet wet and settle in.
  • Work on cross-functional activities throughout CDP, taking responsibility for multiple, simultaneous projects.
  • Develop subject-matter expertise and lead small projects, managing vendor relationships and other interns.
  • Identify needs, define the requirements for those projects, and fully direct their implementation.
  • Earn an amazing reference and resume bullets that extend beyond administration.

Some of Our Projects

Restructure and manage company CRM.

Design and action a troubleshooting tree for our products.

Write a software BRD and manage its testing and implementation.

Convert data flows into a highly-autonomous cloud-based system.

Execute a dual-factor authentication system to improve internal security.

Research and implement new inventory management systems and practices.

CDP Core Value

We believe in being teachers and students.