Banking printers and printing software that let you say goodbye to preprinted documents.

At CDP, we believe in secure paperless banking. But we understand you still have printing to do. As part of our commitment to sustainably serving community and regional financial institutions, we’re proud to offer credit union and bank printing solutions that enhance adaptability and reduce waste.

Stay nimble during leadership and location transitions. The problem:

Mergers, acquisitions, and moves present our clients with operational challenges.

The reality is, these changes usually result in mass document disposal.

Any piece of paper with the old logo, contact info, or executives’ names and signatures needs to be destroyed— at great expense.

We’re sensitive to how painful it is, especially for businesses that safeguard investments, to essentially throw money in the shredder.

Then you have to preprint all new forms and stack even more boxes into your valuable storage space.

CDP turns these pain points into cost-saving opportunities.

  • Customize documents on the fly With CDP laser and thermal printer software.
  • Dynamic, on-demand printingPainlessly swap in a different logo on forms or the new CEO’s signature on checks.
  • Conserve spaceJust keep a couple boxes of blank stock on hand and print off as needed.