Document workflow software that functions like a digital filing cabinet, but smarter. It’s secure paperless banking, simplified.

Traditional document management systems take up too much space and time. Rededicate your storage room to business operations and relieve your loan officers, HR staff, accountants, and branch managers from filing and retrieving records. eManage revolutionizes the financial document management process.


User-friendly digital document storage.

You probably already know it’s time to make the switch from a papered system.

Maybe your competitors are going green or you’ve experienced the frustration of physical files getting damaged or misplaced.

eManage makes the transition to paperless easier than ever.



Monetize every square foot of your branch.

  • Clear out your filing room. Tackle the document scanning process all at once, on a paced schedule, or during slow periods. We can also set you up with a document scanning partner.
  • Generate revenue in space currently used for storage. Repurpose that square footage by replacing it with a loan office. Or surprise your workforce with a cool new break room. Hey, happy employees work harder.
  • Reduce overhead.Depending on your setup, you may be able to cut your commercial real estate costs.