An electronic receipts software solution that advances your business and cross-promotional partnerships.

Gone are the days of printing out paper receipts in duplicate and putting them in storage for seven years. eReceipt is an electronic receipt management system that not only saves and sends digital receipts for banks and credit unions, but also uses the receipts to deliver targeted messaging and promotions.

Enjoy flexibility and convenience with eReceipt’s cross-platform utility.

Access counter transaction records in seconds.

Our digital receipts system is included in eTeller or it can be purchased as a standalone product.

Enhance the user experience for consumers and employees.

Following smartpad signature, receipts are automatically generated and saved in the system.

Receipts are then shared with members and customers via:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Print

CDP eReceipt promotes your brand and adds ad sales to your revenue streams.

Display your logo, marketing assets, and ads in the negative space of every receipt.

  • Deliver multiple impressions on highly engaged materials and send marketing messages home with customers and members.
  • Build cross-promotional relationships with local businesses, like car dealerships. Display their logos and advertise their products in partnership with yours.