Electronic Teller Receipts & Transactions

Make your members smile with faster, more personalized transactions

Speed up teller lines, decreases manual errors, and capture transactions for compliance with an electronic, self-serve teller solution


21% of customers care more about

their experiences than their interest rates.

Long wait times, especially for simple transactions such as depositing a check, can be frustrating.
eTeller allows customers to securely perform tasks themselves, enabling shorter wait times or no
waiting at all. This means less work for your team, and more time to focus on giving each customer
impeccable service.


Create a modern in-branch
experience with a powerful self-service

Make visits to your branch

With 21% of banking customers caring more about their experience than their interest rates, providing a modernized customer experience is vital to attracting and retaining younger members.

eTeller’s intuitive self-service interface allows customers to create their personal accounts and securely perform tasks themselves, shortening long and frustrating wait times or allowing them to pop in and out without queueing.

Make visits
Use eTeller

Use eTeller to upsell and profit

You no longer have to rely on your tellers to become sales-people and offer relevant product and service upsells to your customers.

With eTeller, it’s easy to leverage the screen to display targeted and attractive marketing messages at the perfect moments – leading to increased upsells and business growth.

Stay compliant with less effort

eTeller’s powerful digital interface means you can:

  • Become almost paperless
  • Ensure the security of your files
  • Recreate a cleaner, more functional office space
Stay compliant
Satisfy your

Satisfy your
customers – and
your staff

eTeller lets your team spend less time digging through documents and manually inputting data. So they can get more job satisfaction – and focus exclusively on the customer they’re serving.

Improve the
efficiency of your operations

eTeller makes it easier and faster to:

  • Accept, process, and reconcile electronic checks
  • Send automatic text or email receipts
  • Create member profiles for instant access
  • And more
Improve the efficiency

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