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A digital teller solution designed for the modern customer

eTeller enables your team to spend less time digging through documents and manually inputting data so they can focus more on the customer in front of them. With eTeller, you can capitalize on in-the-moment upselling opportunities and streamline counter transactions, putting a smile on your customers’ faces with each interaction.


Modernize the in-branch experience and accelerate transactions with a powerful and intuitive solution designed for today’s banks and credit unions.

Digitize workflows
Reduce your reliance on paper and decrease data-entry errors with a customer-facing, self-service digital interface.
Organize teller actions
Capture every action each teller makes automatically and create member profiles for instant access.
Improve customer experiences
Deliver the modern, digital experiences that customers have grown to expect, including text or email receipts and electronic check processing.
Improve your processes
Accept, process and reconcile electronic checks faster and more efficiently, without losing the ability to share check images on statements.
Increase upsells and conversions
Display marketing messages on the signature pad to a captive audience to optimize your chances of driving revenue.
Enhance teller satisfaction
Make tellers’ lives easier with purpose-built tools to increase their job satisfaction — which translates into happier customers.
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