Electronic Content Management

Take control of all your documents and operations from a single platform.

Laserfiche helps you ditch clunky processes, siloed operations, and time-consuming work – so you can go paperless, make organization a breeze, and get more done, faster.


Transform the way you work


At CDP, we use an electronic content management solution called Laserfiche to help you organize and
automate manual processes related to document management and organization. And it’s a perfect fit
for financial service businesses as well as local government offices.

Here’s what Laserfiche enables you to do:

Capture content digitally

Keeping paper documents takes up storage space and puts you at risk of damaged or lost files. And on average, a whopping 7.6-10% of company documents are misfiled or lost annually.

Laserfiche makes it easy to digitize all your documents, so you can:

  • Become almost paperless
  • Ensure the security of your files
  • Recreate a cleaner, more functional office space
Capture content
Make it easier

Make it easier to organize and manage your content

Employees spend an average of 400 hours a year(!) searching for files and documents. With Laserfiche, all your forms, documents, and paperwork are organized in one place.

  • Easily find what you’re looking for right when you need it
  • Access documents via any connected device at any time
  • Track different versions of files in one place
  • Collaborate with editing, annotations, and more features

Cut down on the time and effort needed for day- to-day tasks

We help you discover where processes and workflows can be made simpler and where you can use resources more effectively.

  • Automate repetitive tasks such as invoicing or sending appointment confirmations
  • Shorten processes – such as onboarding – from taking a few days to being completed in a few minutes
  • Enable your staff to do less manual work so they can service your customers better
Cut down
Simplify regulatory

Simplify regulatory compliance

With 15 years of experience in content management
for heavily regulated industries, CDP helps you use
Laserfiche to:

  • Keep sensitive documents and information safe and secure, in line with regulatory requirements
  • Control who can access sensitive records and when
  • Easily create records and reports when needed for audits

Rely on robust, cloud-based security

Keeping everything on paper or on a physical server puts data at risk for physical disasters such as fire, flooding, or hardware failure.

Protect your data and earn members’ trust with Laserfiche’s powerful, cloud-based security controls in addition to CDP’s added layers of DUO security and Zix.

Learn more about our security and compliance

Rely on robust
Group 141

Keep on growing bigger and better

Laserfiche’s powerful analytic tools make it effortless to collect data about what has been working and what still needs improvement. So you can keep on growing in line with your goals – and set up your business for continuity and expansion.

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