Records Management Software for Government

Digitize documents and processes while securing your technology stack.


Build a secure and efficient digital infrastructure.

CDP has built our reputation on digitizing documents and automating manual processes in regulated industries. Our expertise in working with local governments to help them:

Continuously improve and secure their technology.

We continually audit your IT infrastructure to identify security risks, reveal opportunities for hardware upgrades, and chart a realistic and budget-conscious path to a scalable technology stack

Remove paper from your office and recover wasted employee time.

Our work helps reduce paper storage and recover time spent on manual processes and data management. Our goal is to give your employees physical and mental room for doing more effective work.

Accelerate and enhance resident transactions.

By digitizing and automating processes (like service requests, email follow-ups, voting, or event registration), you can remove manual entry errors, streamline workloads, and offer self-service options for residents.


Manage front- and back-office operations securely.

CDP has built our reputation on helping companies in regulated industries operate more effectively in front of customers and behind the scenes.

We are knowledgeable in:

1. Compliance with regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, FOIA, DoD 5015.2 v3 and more.

2. Managing document lifecycles and notifying users when documents are ready for disposal.

3. Enforcing records management policies across all devices by storing only one copy of a record in a centralized repository.


Work with a partner who cares.

We combine thoughtful digital workflow consulting and records management software for government. Our goal is to make your work more effective and enjoyable. So we thoroughly train you on every function, provide step-by-step user guides, and offer ongoing group webinars and one-on-one support. Our goal is to make you more efficient, secure, and empowered to serve your residents.

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