What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche is a purpose-built enterprise content solution designed to help financial institutions and government agencies streamline workflows, get more control over their documents, and organize their content to increase productivity and efficiency. With Laserfiche, you can ditch clunky processes and stop wasting time searching for information or doing repetitive tasks by hand.


Bake efficiency into the foundation of your operations with Laserfiche to reclaim time, get more done, and delight your customers.

Go digital
Digitize your documents and transform into a paperless operation.
Organize your content
Store all documents, forms, and other content in a central repository and find what you’re looking for faster.
Optimize your processes
Automate mundane workflows and focus on higher-value initiatives.
Manage your content
Capture, secure, and organize all of your content in one place — and access it via any connected device.
Automate your processes
Move beyond paper-based workflows and empower your team to reach their full potential at work using modern tools.
Perform in the cloud
Take advantage of Laserfiche’s cloud-based service that delivers robust security features and high availability.
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