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Why a Federal Credit Union Has Trusted CDP to Guide Its Digital Transformation for 15 Years.


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Succeeding as a small credit union is no easy feat. It can be challenging to compete against larger financial institutions without the same deep pockets to invest in new technology.

St. Tammany Federal Credit Union understood early on the critical role technology plays in staying competitive.

Fifteen years ago, the team at St. Tammany was searching for a strong partner that understood which new technologies would deliver the most value in their digital transformation journey, and they found CDP.

Download the case study to learn how CDP helped St. Tammany Federal Credit Union:

  • Rid itself of paper processes and a bulky filing cabinet storage system that was growing to the point that the team was considering a larger location.
  • Keep operations running smoothly at all times with digital processes.
  • Compete against larger credit unions and banks and keep up with member demand using the best tools and technologies.
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“It’s been a very grand experience. CDP has jumped through many hoops to keep us happy. They’ve gone above and beyond in all aspects to make sure it was an easy transition for us. I think the process they have is pretty airtight, and I definitely recommend them.”

Glenda Rushe

CEO, St Tammany Federal Credit Union