Credit Union & Banking Process Management & Improvement

Reduce manual workload, improve experiences, and scale your institution.


Create more time to deliver for members.

We have decades of industry experience in digitizing documents and automating manual processes. We work with banks and credit unions to create and execute strategies to ensure they:

Keep ahead of the ever-changing technology curve.

We continually audit your IT infrastructure to identify security risks, reveal opportunities for hardware upgrades, and chart a realistic path to an efficient, scalable technology stack. Our effort will help you build and maintain a secure foundation that supports your growth objectives.

Recover physical storage space and lost employee time.

Our work helps reduce paper storage and time wasted on manual processes and data management. We work to make your workplace more efficient, so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to growing your institution—like engaging your members.

Accelerate and enhance member transactions.

By digitizing and automating processes (like member onboarding, templated document creation, or email follow-ups), you can remove human error and speed up transactions. Members will notice more consistency throughout their interactions with your institution. And your employees can remove frustrating, repetitive tasks from their workdays.


Manage front- and back-office operations securely.

CDP digital workflow consulting for banks and credit unions helps institutions operate more effectively in front of members and behind the scenes.

While also bringing a host of other benefits, we:

1. Promote compliance with regulatory mandates such as SEC, FINRA, FDIC and more.

2. Easily manage the lifecycle of documents and notify you when documents are ready for disposal.

3. Help enforce records management policies across all devices by storing only one copy of a record in a centralized repository.


Work with a banking process management partner who cares.

Your business is our business, so we care about what you care about. We’ll keep your members’ sensitive information safe and help you provide a superlative member experience.

We don’t just implement banking process management and improvement technology. We thoroughly train you on every function, provide step-by-step user guides, and offer ongoing group webinars and one-on-one support.

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