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The future of banking is digital

60% of banks have implemented digital banking features due to COVID-19
30% of most job activities can be automated
21% of banking customers care more about experiences than interest rates
20% of the average worker's day is spent looking for information


Send, receive, and sign digital documents from any connected device. Protect message contents with encryption and two-factor authentication.

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Automate repetitive tasks to get more done every day. Organize all your data in one place to increase team productivity and maintain a single source of truth.

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Ditch stacks of pre-printed documents in favor of printing customized forms and other documents on demand. Eliminate waste and only print what you need.

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Digitize your teller services with an intuitive software solution that streamlines document workflows. Meet customer expectations around convenience and social distancing.

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Why CDP?

Delight your customers
Give your customers the modern, digital experiences they expect. Remind them why they started banking with you to begin with.
Increase productivity
Help your team accomplish more with digital solutions designed to make work easier. Eliminate time spent searching endlessly for paperwork with technology that keeps everything organized in one place.
Make your team happier
Who doesn’t want their employer to invest in tools that streamline their workflows? By partnering with CDP, employee satisfaction increases, which translates into stronger customer experiences.
Increase profitability
Reduce your reliance on paper, enable your team to get more done in less time, and target a wider slate of customers. Deliver more value to shareholders and customers alike.
Reduce errors
Eliminate errors associated with manual processes and data entry. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your data is accurate.
Protect your community
Keep employees, customers, and family members safe by maintaining social distance with digital transactions.
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Today’s leading banks and credit unions run on CDP