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From improved document management and reduced manual processes to easier compliance and greater customer satisfaction, solutions from CDP and Laserfiche lead to happier leaders, employees, and customers.

Content Management
Digitally capture, secure, and organize documents across the enterprise.

Go paperless, optimize costs and power innovation with a content management platform.

Capture, scan, and import documents from anywhere on any device.

Meet the increasing demands of compliance regulations with robust security and records management features
Process Automation
Eliminate manual processes with powerful workflows, e-forms, and analytics.

Eliminate tedious spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails and time-draining busywork by automating everyday tasks.

Get rid of paper forms while speeding up routing and approval processes with automation.

Use software bots that free up staff to focus on more valuable and productive work.
Integrated Technology
Support compliance, integrate applications and drive information security.

Utilize security audit features that support compliance without compromising the user experience.

Leverage powerful analytics to identify process blocks and improve efficiency.

Make process and information management seamless with innovative integration tools.

Reduce long email threads and boost productivity with collaborative document editing
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