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Is IMM eSign the Best Choice for Your Financial Institution?

Mar 20, 2024 11:22:56 AM

If you’re looking for a digital signature solution to bring to your financial institution, you may have stumbled on IMM eSign, a popular platform offering services meant for banks and credit unions. That may sound great, but how does IMM eSign really hold up in comparison to CDP eSign? Let’s take a closer look. 

What is IMM eSign?

IMM eSign, which is now known as “kinective,” is tech company IMM’s flagship e-signature platform. 

What makes IMM eSign unique is not necessarily its capabilities but its design, which is specifically aimed at supporting banks and other financial institutions. eSign is a basic e-signature program, but IMM eSign Plus adds other digital tools that help connect tasks and processes from an institution’s member-facing end to its internal offices.

IMM eSign claims to be the only digital transformation solution created exclusively for financial institutions, but CDP is also designed with banks, credit unions, and other institutions in mind. 

The question, then, is not whether IMM eSign is the choice for financial institutions but whether it’s the right choice. 

IMM eSign vs. CDP eSign: The Basics

When compared side-by-side, it’s obvious that IMM eSign and CDP have a lot in common. However, only CDP is optimized to support small-to-medium financial institutions looking to simplify and digitize their daily processes. Let’s break the IMM eSign vs. CDP eSign debate down into its bits and pieces.


Digital signature capabilities are, of course, the most important features to look for in an eSign program. Other tools and resources can help simplify things even further, limiting the need for manual oversight of documents, e-receipts, and other materials.

IMM eSign

There are a few pieces of the IMM system, and eSign is only one of them. eDocument automatically prepares documents for eSigning. After eSign is complete, eArchive indexes signed documents and audit trails. Then, the materials are sent to your imaging or ECM system. IMM eSign provides in-person and remote digital signatures.

CDP eSign

Like IMM, CDP’s software solutions are multi-faceted. Our various modules – like eSign, ePrint, and eTeller – make it simple to connect as few or as many digitized business processes as you’d like. Our eSign platform can also index signed documents and send them, alongside their audit trails, to your ECM and imaging systems. 

CDP goes a step beyond functionality and embeds security into our e-signature solution. Our services come with SMS authentication features to verify a document signer’s identity at no additional cost. Both cloud and on-premises signatures are supported by our digital signature software. 

Ease of Use

An eSign solution is only as useful as it is accessible. Extra bells and whistles don’t necessarily equate to a more user-friendly or helpful software tool. Especially for institutions new to digitizing, it’s important that e-signature resources are approachable.

IMM eSign

IMM does offer some professional services that include training and education, but it’s likely that these come at an extra cost. The software itself is tailored to financial institutions, which helps eliminate unnecessary features and “noise,” but it doesn’t come with the same level of one-on-one support you can expect from CDP.

CDP eSign

CDP can get your employees trained in as little as 15 minutes. Why? Because our solution has been designed with simplicity in mind. 

In-person signing is a breeze, as our eSign tool presents documents to members on your signature pad so they can review and sign with confidence. 

Using our digital tool is also simple – navigate easy-to-understand menus, view your information at a glance, and get live support from our team as needed to clear up any uncertainties. 


Everything you’ve learned about your e-signature solution might sound great on paper, but how much will it all cost? 

IMM eSign

It’s unclear how much IMM eSign costs, but we can be sure that accessing the full panel of digital solutions – including eSignPlus – costs extra. You’ll have to request a demo to learn more about pricing plans, and it’s likely that you’ll pay more if you need to share your software solutions with other team members. 

CDP eSign

CDP’s pricing model is designed to fit your budget and is always based on your unique business needs. Why pay more for what you don’t even use? 

We allow you to customize the software you use so that you get the best value for your money. Whether you’re strictly looking for support for digital signatures or want a robust, all-inclusive software set-up, we’re here to help.

The Verdict: CDP Does It Better

Overall, IMM eSign and CDP eSign are very much alike. What makes CDP eSign the best is our customizability, hands-on approach, and deep understanding of the needs of financial institutions focused on growth. 

Get all the benefits of IMM eSign for a price that’s adaptable to your needs. You’ll also gain access to additional features and software options that can be shaped to fit your goals.

Trust the E-Signature Solution Designed for Your Needs

CDP believes in supporting everyday banks and credit unions looking to compete with big-name institutions by digitizing and optimizing their business processes. 

We know that transitioning from traditional procedures to tech-based work models can be tough. That’s why we walk you through every step of the process and let you dictate how we set up your digital transformation

For over three decades, we’ve worked closely with banks and credit unions to help them spearhead the changes that will help them stay strong for years to come. Let us guide you through everything you need to know to bring e-signatures to your financial institution. Reach out today to learn more or schedule a demo. 

Nirav Doshi
Written by Nirav Doshi

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