Business Continuity Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

Our business continuity package offers immediate ROI for financial institutions with workforces that are shifting portions of their staff to remote work. Our goal is to implement strategies today that can be used to drive long-term efficiencies. In many situations this plan could double as a credit unions first step into digital transformation. We also drive value in the longer term by setting a strong, secure, and scalable foundation for future optimization of data and workflows.




Our Business Continuity Suite

Build a Business Continuity Strategy

Define your essential services and processes for driving business. Develop strategies for continued communication with your existing members. Define how you will balance immediate problems and needs against long-term goals.

Develop Remote Banking Experiences

Print checks remotely. Send teller transactions electronically to members through text or email. Send notices and other official documents electronically to members.

Share Information Securely

Streamline customer data collection and approvals through secure uploads. Gather information, and get signatures on a variety of paper-based forms electronically and securely. Safely communicate with members to share sensitive and personal information such as W-2s and tax returns.


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Build a Business Continuity Strategy

Drive actions to continue operations in the near term, while maintaining a course toward your longer-term goals.

Until recently, business continuity planning hasn’t been top-of-mind for many banks and credit unions. And many of these institutions don’t know where to begin when it comes to working remotely, securing their data, and maintaining productivity. Our team will work with yours to design a realistic plan that’s custom-fit for your financial institution and your unique situation.


Develop Remote Banking Experiences

Now is a great time to implement digital banking experiences for both employees and members.

The realities of working remotely have impacted financial institutions across the country, particularly those that are used to conducting most their business in-branch. 

Our ePrint platform empowers institutions to print checks and official documents from anywhere, helping your business run even when you have to work remotely. It works with any printer connected to your network, and it includes added benefits like the ability to print all checks and forms from your core. 

Best of all, we can implement remote printing and document sharing in as little as two days' time. You'll be able to text or email members receipts of transactions they would normally do at the teller line, such as paying a loan, paying credit card, or depositing a check. You can also send notices such as loan payment coupons, past due notices, or NSFs. 

Share Information Securely

First, add technology to collect customer data and approvals securely.

Many financial institutions still use paper and perform manual steps in their day-to-day operations. Our eSign platform is a simple first step for banks and credit unions to securely digitize form creation, data collection, and signature approvals. It can be employed quickly and easily to automate processes, including:

  • Account Opening
  • New Loan Applications
  • Loan Processing
  • Changes of Address

esignatures for banks and credit unions

We can implement eSign in as little as two days. Through eSign, customers can review documents and complete requests from any device. They can even use mobile device cameras to share supporting documents like licenses and paystubs, while capturing a detailed audit trail to legally validate signed documents.

Then, implement secure communications using email encryption.

Our partnership with Zix allows us to offer financial institutions the ability to communicate securely through email. Zix is used by NCUA exclusively for email encryption. This means whatever you can’t capture through eSign, you can capture through your email portal. We offer end-to-end encryption, secure data transmission, and compliance-friendly communication. Zix is designed to run in the background of whatever email service you’re using, so it’s seamless, easy to use, and virtually invisible to your customers and employees.

zixsuite secure information sharing cdp

Despite the perceived complexity of this solution, Zix implementation only takes 3-4 days. That means email encryption across your financial institution in a short time frame, allowing you to conduct business and share personal information securely.

Benefits of Our Continuity Suite

Formalizes Your Business Continuity Plan

Quick to Implement

Focuses on the Activities Critical for Driving Revenue

Can Start with 1-2 Users

Scalable for Any Financial Institution

Sets Foundation for Future Data, File, and Workflow Automation


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